Better Sex After 50

Sex beyond the age of 50 years can introduce challenges which may put you off, yet with better understanding and a positive outlook you can still appreciate a physically and sincerely satisfying sex life whatever your age.

Getting physical and intimate with your lover has no age limit. Sex at 70 or 80 may not be the passionate and physical tornado it might have been at 20; despite what you might expect, it might be mind blowing sex that you have.

As you become older, you become more conscious and aware of yourself and you become wiser as to what works for you sexually and what does not. The quicker you accept who you are you will enjoy your later years and your partner will also appreciate you more.

The thing that brings you the greatest joy in your life – children becomes secondary and what becomes more important for you is relationship.

Sex for mental and physical wellbeing

Sex has the ability to enhance mental and physical wellbeing by burning fat and the release of endorphins which fulfil your happiness, subsequently reducing the fear of nervousness and anxiety. A decent sex life can add years to your life due to the benefits it provides for wellbeing. It can fortify your relationship by creating a feeling of wellbeing amongst you and your lover.

Look for help

As people become older they turn their back on possible sexual encounters as they fear sex for a number of reasons. Regardless of your age it is completely normal to lose the desire of sex, intimacy and touch which may actually be a sign of a medical problem, if this is the case then it is always important to seek advice from your doctor. Don’t feel embarrassed and let this be a reason not to consult a doctor as generally most problems can be solved quickly.

Medical conditions, for example, hypertension, diabetes, hormonal issues, depression or uneasiness can all have an effect upon sexual craving. However, procedures can be set up to battle these issues. A few medicines can hinder sexual reaction, for example, sexual longing, the ability to become aroused and orgasmic function. While this sounds serious it actually is not as these can easily be overcome by changing medication that offer less side effects.


As bodies and emotions change over 50 years old, it is imperative to speak with your partner about your fears, yearnings and feelings. Talking openly and honestly about sex may feel uncomfortable however it can bring you and your partner closer together and make sex more pleasurable. Simply discussing sex can make you feel horny and by indulging in some of the following strategies it will help you.

* Delicate teasing incorporating tickling can open up the chat about sex. Being straightforward with each other about how you are feeling and what you need from your sex life can encourage trust leading to your bond strengthening.

* Talk about new things you would like to try to spice up your sex life as long as they are within reason and you are both comfortable with them. Our 50s can be a time for introducing new things and being creative and passionate.

* Living in the 21st century, we are exposed by lots of information regarding sex. However, as a child you may have been brought up no to discuss the subject of sex as it was thought of as taboo. You may find that by speaking openly about your needs and desires with your partner it will help you connect both physically and emotionally.

Closeness and physical touch

A decent sex life at any age isn’t just about the physical act of sex, it is additionally about closeness and touch, both of which can help anybody. By dismissing the expectations of what you think your sex life should be, you will be able to look at ways of how to improve your sex life.

The first step should be a romantic dinner date for two, perhaps some saucy sexy literature before you have sex will help you get in the mood and connect with each other physically and emotionally.

Touching and caressing each other will show your partner you care and love them and improve your relationship. Try not to be negative with your partner and compliment them which will make them feel good.

Look at ways of relaxing together, indulge in massage or maybe a bubble bath together. Simple acts like this will help you both relax and help your vagina relax and encourage your penis to become erectile.

Sex without intercourse

Sex is not just about penetrative sex which is one way to satisfying sex. This may not be workable for some couples in view of physical and passionate issues, along these lines touching, kissing and other cosy sexual contact, for example, masturbation and oral sex can be pretty much as rewarding. You have to discover what works for you now, not what worked when you were more youthful.

Explore different avenues regarding diverse sexual positions you both find enjoyable and pleasurable. Make use of a good lubricant to help with your vaginal dryness. To overcome the problem of erectile dysfunction have sex with the woman on top as this helps.

Changing your routine can be both refreshing and it can improve your sex life. Have a go at engaging in sexual relations at a different time of day when you both have more energy. Early morning sex can wake you up and help you feel refreshed for the rest of the day, where sex late at night has the opposite effect as you are tired and more effort is required.

Make sex fun by incorporating some playful fun. Why not introduce some new elements into the bedroom such as sex toys, candles and some role play.

Life without restriction

Without the restrictions of long working hours and family obligations you can be as adventurous as you want and you can explore your deepest sexual fantasies. Try sex in different places and take tasks such as sex outdoors or in places where you might get caught. The possibilities are endless.

When you experience the menopause, you will experience a loss of elasticity with your vagina and this can make sex uncomfortable. This process can be slowed down by having regular sexual activity. However, if full penetrative sex is not possible the next best option is masturbation using your hands or a vibrator. This will help stretch the walls of your vagina.

Doing Kegel exercise on a regular basis using Kegel balls can enhance the flexibility of the walls of the vagina and enhance your sex life by tightening and strengthening the vagina resulting in better sexual pleasure.

Going for long stretches without an erection can deny the penis of the oxygen rich blood it requires for good sexual activity. This may prompt the development of hard tissue inside the muscle cells, something much the same as scar tissue, which meddles with the ability to become erect when blood stream is increased. General masturbation is essential to keep the blood flowing regardless of the fact that the penis is just semi erect. Take a stab at using a penis pump.

Jump Start Your Sex Life

Older couples abandon their sex life because of loss of enthusiasm and possible medical conditions. However, this should not be the case that just because you are getting older you should not have sex.

Passionate obstructions, for example, anxiety, nervousness and depression can influence your sexual interest and ability to end up stimulated. By talking through these issues with either your partner, family or professional counsellor, you might have the desire to defeat the issue or if nothing else share the burden with someone else, subsequently feeling less overwhelmed.

How you see your body can also create an issue, making you feel less appealing to your partner yet many individuals don’t see these changes, and will accept and love you as you are. Some partners may love you as you are wobbly bits and all. Try out different forms of sexy lingerie that may be more flattering for your particular body type. This love from your partner taking you as you are just confirms that they appreciate the life they have with you. By accepting these changes, you won’t just feel better but you will feel attractive within yourself and become more confident resulting in a sexy you.

Stressing over your sexual performance or whether you are deserving of sexual attention from your partner can cause impotency in men or lack of arousal in women. Talking to your partner about these issues will help them understand how you feel and why you are hesitant to have sex.

Erectile dysfunction, hot flushes or vaginal dryness are all characteristic changes and can be overcome. You can investigate approaches to make you feel less hesitant about your changing body or if the man can no more get an erection just by the thought of sex, he can demonstrate to you how he needs to be stimulated rather than him thinking you don’t arouse him anymore.

Instead of delaying about whether to have sex, which will just prompt further tension, simply have intercourse. When you begin having intercourse frequently, things will enhance and you will start to appreciate sex, anticipate having it and your sex drive will increase.


Diet, Exercise and Health

Being physically fit will enhance your sex drive and wellbeing by promoting circulation, reinforcing bones and building muscle. Exercising together can help you support each other and strengthen your relationship, uniting you both. People also forget that sex in itself can be a great form of exercise. Physical exercise can likewise change your body shape and improve your confidence and showcase your sexual appeal to your partner. It can enhance your stamina, resulting in you being able to enjoy sexual intercourse for longer as well as promoting wellbeing and increasing libido.

Smoking can hinder blood stream all through the body, including the penis, clitoris and vaginal tissues which can influence sexual activity. Ladies who smoke have a tendency to experience menopause two years sooner than their non-smoking counter-part. Your doctor or practice nurse can help you to stop through no smoking projects by using nicotine fixes or gum or hypnotherapy. Stopping smoking will enhance your general wellbeing.

Binge eating or enjoying a high fat eating diet prompts high cholesterol and obesity. Both of these are high risk factors and can lead to heart disease. Being overweight can lead to poor mental self-portrait, laziness and low sex drive. Eliminating fat from your diet can help you lose weight, improve your self-confidence and increase your sex drive.

Good Sex Over 50 Is Safe Sex Over 50

Occurrences of sexually transmitted diseases in the 50-90 age bunch have dramatically increased in the last decade as more than 80% report that they are sexually active. This age group holds the fastest growing number of people who turn to online dating services. A large number of males in this age group also look to Viagra to help them with their sex drive and sexual confidence. Older people seem to think they no longer need to practise safe sex as they won’t get pregnant but they fail to see they can contract a sexual transmitted disease.

Research shows 20% of all HIV patients are in this age group which is 11% higher than cases reported in 2011. There are also higher occurrences of chlamydia, gonorrhoea, and syphilis. That irritating urinary issue or lower stomach agony might be because of your age or it could be something more evil and the over 50s need to be aware of this.

Sex in your later years should be practised as safe as possible and you should take the same precautions you took when you were young and youthful.

Don’t Give Up

If your efforts are not working, don’t lose hope. More often than not your doctor can diagnose the problems you are experiencing and recommend suitable medication to help you overcome them. One such solution is a referral to a sex therapist who will be able to help you get back on track to an active sex life.