Are you “Normal”? – Male Masturbation Habits

We all do it, right? If you say you don’t, I would be willing to call you a liar.

Wanking is a commonly enjoyed activity for men of all sexual persuasions and all ages. But are you doing it right, and is what you do normal?

According to research conducted for Seven Pints, 46% of men masturbate at least once every day. A further 46% masturbate at least once a week.

The majority, however, selected “A few times” a week.In total that’s 93% who masturbate at least once per week.

Interestingly, being single seems to have no bearing on the frequency of masturbation for those who do so several times a week. But it does seem that those who masturbate more than once per day are predominantly single men.

And according to research many men have at least one wanking toy. While it is estimated that Anal toys such as Prostate Massagers are increasingly popular amongst all men (including heterosexual men) the majority of sex toys purchased by men are masturbation sleeves designed to pleasure the penis.

Strangely, research also reports that the use of lubricants, while increasing, is still low in the UK. Men seemingly don’t use it very often, and when they do they tend to use it in sexual encounters with others or for lubrication for anal toy use.
This is something I feel needs to be addressed in this country!

I’ll admit, I am an advocate of lube use. In my view masturbation just isn’t the same without a fist full of lube. Call me kinky if you wish, but the direct slippery contact achieved is FAR more pleasurable to me than relying on pre-cum alone. You just can’t get the same sensations through masturbating with a dry hand, and I dare you to try sliding your hand over the helmet the next time you find yourself enjoying some alone time.

Can you wank too much?

Quite simply, yes.
I will go out on a limb here and suggest that if you consistently masturbate more than once or twice a day you may have an issue. Sure, we all go through stages where we’re so incredibly horny just one tommy-tank is not enough to satisfy. But if this is a regular urge and you find yourself in a routine of having more than one wank every single day, there is probably an underlying sexual issue that you might need to deal with.
I have always believed that is self-pleasure starts to affect your life and starts to control how you live, there is a major problem. And I just can’t see that having more than one wank every single day, consistently, can do anything but affect your life.

If it makes you late for work, if you cancel on friends and if you forget to eat because you’re too busy enjoying your dick, this is most definitely a problem.

Of course, you can go to your GP. And you can find support services on line to help you. But in all honesty, unless you have absolutely ZERO will power, you can quite easily overcome this yourself by avoiding sexual stimulation and creating distractions to keep you occupied.
Perhaps one of the best ways to break this cycle is to remember that if you do it less, the pleasure is increased. You’re are rewarding yourself by having an incredible climax when you do come.

Improving Masturbation

Variation is the key. Just as in sex with a partner, if it becomes routine you loose out on a whole lot of fun.
Using male sex toys and lube is a great way to increase pleasure and keep your solo-sex life fun and interesting. There is nothing quite like sliding your dick into a new sleeve for the first time and feeling a new sensation.

Changing method and stroke is another great way to make the activity even more pleasurable. Most guys get into a habit of using the same method, and that method is usually “Grip the shaft and stroke”. But what about the helmet? What about the balls? What if you only let yourself use your thumb and forefinger? How about exclusively focusing on the frenulum? What happens if you edge for two hours?

There are literally thousands of variations you could use, with the help of lube and toys, or not, and you deserve to make your masturbation as pleasurable as possible.
It’s no longer a guilty sin to enjoy your cock on your own, so get to it and do it properly, with enthusiasm and joy!