Anal Stimulation Demystified

A few hours left of Anal August calls for a guide… A lot of people have a misconception that anal penetration is painful, dirty and cause loss of masculinity. It is troubling because without experimenting with the body, it’s not really possible to experience pleasure to its full potential. I’m not saying that anal stimulation is for everyone. As with every other stimulation and sex act, it is really individual. But for those who are open to it, it is usually mind-blowing. I go on about raving about this butt plug and that dildo, but what about you who are just starting to explore?

What, who, when, err?

Anal sex has been around since ancient times. Ancient Greeks, Romans and Asians were apparently doing it a lot. But during the middle ages, and especially in western culture it has been shamed and turned into a taboo. No matter, times are different now and we are finally discarding the missteps of the middle ages. And! Butt sex is totally awesome.

First things first, anal penetration should not be painful. It might be uncomfortable if you are caught off guard or not entirely willing or open to it.

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Second, as long as you do not feel the need to go to the toilet the anal passage is usually empty and clean. Little or no mess is the norm. To be absolutely sure, a simple anal douche can be used to rinse the anal passage. Doing a quick clean is usually a great way to quickly become a lot more comfortable with anal penetration.

Third, actions can not change who you are. You can not be turned gay because of a little butt sex and you do not lose your masculinity unless you chose to do so yourself. I don’t know about you guys, but I think it’s nothing more masculine than enjoying ones orgasmic pleasure to the maximum. We do end up a bit short on our orgasms compared to our female counterpart, but coupled with anal stimulation – the field is slightly more even.

So you want to try this thing, but not sure where to start?

The first thing to consider when approaching anal stimulation understanding the basic anatomy. Because of how the butt is made it is usually perfectly clean and neat. The rectum is essentially the outer chamber that is entered to stimulate the prostate which is directly tied to the penis and the sphincter muscles, nerve wise that is.

The rectum is a clear passage of around 8-9 inches that slightly curves and connects to more chambers along the way into the body, called the colon. Where these two connect, the passage takes almost a complete U-turn and it usually feels like the end of the road. However, it is possible to explore these dark places and continue deeper, but it’s usually reserved for experienced players.

The rectum has the amazing ability to expand and retract again. The first part of the rectum including the internal and external sphincter muscles are exceptionally aware of surface stimulation and contact. The inner half of the rectum is more sensitive to pressure.

Looking at the opening, it consists of two strong muscles called the sphincter. They are shaped like donuts! Both are filled to the brim with sensitive nerves that can produce amazing sensations once stimulated. One of these, the outer one, can be controlled manually while the other is triggered by slight pressure and opens when needed. When anal sex toys it’s usually nothing more to it than that. But because the opening muscles isn’t entirely obedient there’s also a psychological aspect to consider. If you are unwilling or uncomfortable with the thought of anal penetration it can be both hard and uncomfortable no matter how much you relax. You have to clear your mind and let go of any fears – and then things get a whole lot easier.

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Lubrication & Tools

To start off, you must know that the anal passage does not produce moisture, as the insides actually work to absorb the little moisture that’s in there. This means that lubricant will be your best friend. Water based, oil based, silicone based or hybrid lubes – it does not really matter, but the three last ones provide the longest lasting lubrication and might be better to start with. I suggest starting out with a finger or two – or a small butt plug style toy or equally small dildo. The difference is that the plug stays put a lot better but the dildo is easier to insert and remove and made for in-out movement. I would discourage the urge to use household items for penetration. Not only is it potentially dangerous and unhygienic, but it also would not compare to the feeling a quality sex toy is capable of producing. Tantus has some great plugs and dildos for beginners – and they are a really great company that cares for their customers.
Getting in

Get used to stimulation of your behind by gently touching the anal opening, add a dash of lube and just feel how the body responds.

At first it is all about relaxing and slowly applying a slight pressure from the outside. If penetration is difficult it might help to kind of push out a bit with the anal muscles. Take it slow and with plenty of lube let it slide into place. If you experience any discomfort just relax and hold it for a moment. Do not push it further or instantly yank it out as it may be even more uncomfortable.

Once you get past the sphincter muscles, you know the two donuts, the rest is a piece of cake. At this time it may feel like you need to poop, which is totally normal the first few times until you get used to the sensation. This just means your body has working nerves up your butt. Leave it in for a while to get used to the thing, and once you are ready you can slowly remove the thing. I suggest using a firm grip, as I sometimes find it uncomfortable if it slips out too fast.

Remember to take your time, stop if you feel uncomfortable. You are the master of your butt, both alone and with a partner. Also, lube is always your friend. It might get a bit messy – but cleaning up lube is better than hurting the butt hole, trust me.

Venturing into Anal Play