Amity Jack Premium Bang Oil Review

Amity Jack is a company specializing in simple and effective lubricants for everyone. Their offering is simple with the Premium Bang Oil as their only product. This is an all purpose silicone lubricant, but they also have water based alternatives in the works.

The Premium Bang Oil sex lubricant is very simple and has only a few ingredients. Those being Dimethicone, Dimethiconol, Cyclopentasiloxane. All of which are silicone substances, so it’s not really oil in the normal sense. The last one is used for effortless distribution and super slickness, while the two first are thicker and more common silicone ingredients.

Together they make a formula that is medium-thin and light with a silky smooth texture. It’s not gritty feeling as many silicone lubes are, and I find it to be the perfect blend of viscosity and glide to enhance the skin texture and optimize glide. The lube doesn’t feel like it’s in the way or dulling the sensations, which is good. Another thing I like about silicone lube is that it doesn’t feel wet. And also not cold when it’s room temperature.

Amity Jack ships their stuff in plain white shipping boxes – and the lube comes delivered in bottles of 118ml. They aren’t graphic or explicit at all aside from the name. I think they did a great job on the label and the bottle itself has this transparent, brown glass look to it. I’m reminded of medicine and medicine is quality, yes? I like the simple push-to-open-cap too, as it makes it easy to get to the good stuff.

Amity Jack Bang Oil is slightly thicker than the fabulous Überlube, but other than that it’s quite comparable. Perfect for anal sex if I do say so myself. It works well with anal toys too. Especially those of metal, glass and stone. There is still doubt going around about the effects silicone lubricants have on different blends and qualities of silicone toys. In my experience it works well with firm and pure silicone toys, but test on the base first to be sure. As with any silicone lube, it is also perfect for sex in the shower and bath. It really does stay put and it amazes me each time.

Amity Jack Bang Oil

As you can see from the photo above the lube is a bit runny, but it’s kind of slow spreading and it doesn’t really drip much. It’s also totally clear without any hints of taste and smell. As silicone lube tends to stain fabrics and clothing it is nice that it doesn’t spill easily. A quick trip into the washer is all that’s needed to remove any residue..

I have absolutely nothing to complain about when it comes to the longevity of Amity Jack’s Bang Oil. When left alone, the lube evaporates slightly because of the Cyclopentasiloxane and leaves the skin super smooth and satiny feeling. No greasy or sticky residue here. Complete cleanup is a bit more tricky and require soap. That’s the trade-off you get with silicone lubricants. Overall it is a great and no fuss lube that does exactly what it says on the bottle.

This is a great silicone lubricant for any use. It is thick enough to use as masturbation aid and with anal toys, but light enough to not feel in the way with a partner. It’s just a good amount of wet glide without actually feeling wet.