After Dinner Nipples Review

Who wants After Eight’s, when you can have chocolate nipples? Yes, you read that correctly, chocolate nipples!

I am talking about the After Dinner Nipples from Ododi. They are sweet, succulent and deliciously moreish.

After Dinner Nipples

I am not a huge fan of gimmicks or sexy edible novelties but I do love a good giggle and can never fault these chocolates. They are made from dark chocolate and have a mint fondant filling. Although the chocolate casing is thicker than After Eights, they pretty much taste thafter dinner nipplese same.

Elevenses have been taken to a different extreme in the office, with my choice of chocolate nibbles and a good old cuppa tea!

The box that these luscious mints come in, look exactly like their mainstream sister but inside is something more devilish to suit your taste buds. Inside, you receive 8 After Dinner Nipples, that are the size of a 2 pence piece, each.

I purchased my stash from Ododi for £6.99 GBP. Is it a little pricy just for 8 chocolates? Well, you could say they are but then again, these are a novelty gift and perfect for an evening of intimate entertainment.

Ododi also have After Dinner Willies, available for the same RRP. Perfect for a Hen Night gift or a giggle with your friends. Or even sneaking them into the cinema, to watch the up and coming Fifty Shades Of Grey film! Well, it would make your experience a little ‘different’ from munching on a normal Cadburys chocolate bar.

After Dinner Willies

Perfect for a Valentines Day gift or to simply surprise your partner with. You won’t be disappointed with the taste of these mints, they really are delectable on the tongue.

So yes, I would recommend the After Dinner Nipples to my blog readers, can’t ask for more than a deliciously tasting naughty snack!